Wherever you travel this summer, far or near, remember to “keep holy the sabbath”, attend Mass and keep your church family with you. Take a picture of yourself with St. Peter and “tag” St. Peter the Apostle parish on Facebook to share your journeys with us or send a picture to parishoffice@spjoplin.com. Check the map in Our Lady’s Hall to follow your fellow parishioners as we, like St. Peter and the apostles, go out “to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8)!

Additional “Flat St. Peters” are available to color in the back of the church or if you left “Flat St. Peter” then you can download and print this color version or this black and white version of Flat St. Peter from kidadl.com

Looking for Mass times at other parishes while you travel? Be sure to visit www.parishesonline.com, www.masstimes.org, or www.thecatholicdirectory.com before you go so you know the options available to you and your family.

Download black-and-white version

Download color version